• Hexagon
    Shared office service
    - Office Hexagon -
    The most suitable workspace for business person who aims for success in Vietnam.
  • Crowdfunding OEM
    Crowdfunding OEM Providing a crowdfunding platform to various business owners for their own fundraising services.
  • Global business support
    Global business support Business support for global expansion, especially to ASEAN region, such as local researches and incorporation of local company.
  • Fespay
    Payment service
    - FesPay -
    Quick and easy payment service which is assuming used at festivals. The authentication is verified with a combination of payer's face and QR code.
  • VinVin Funding
    Crowd funding service
    - Vin-Vin Funding -
    The best fundraising platfom to support people who challenge new things in Vientnam.
  • Community Cafe COMING SOON...